Online Video Counselling & Therapy Due to Coronvirus (Covid-19) More Info

Online Video Counselling & Therapy Due to Coronvirus

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Don’t let Coronavirus stop you!

What a strange and surreal time to be alive, never before seen in our generation. COVID-19 is leaving destruction in its wake. People are suffering and businesses are struggling. In such unprecedented times people are experiencing anxiety like never before. I’ve had an influx of new clients who are isolating due to the virus. For some it is causing a lot of anxiety and for others it is giving them an opportunity to explore issues that they never made time for before.

Embracing new technology

I have now taken my services online to support my clients and any new people that are suffering. My mission is to help those who need it. I can help you look at your difficulties in different ways so that you are able to find your own solutions. The process is the same online as in a face-to-face setting. By utilising video conferencing software I am embracing new technology to reach more people than ever before! I find it incredibly rewarding to be able to help people who are struggling with a variety of issues. As long as your internet connection is stable, we can connect with each other and you can get the support you need. I use Zoom for my video therapy and counselling sessions, which can be used on all mobile phones, tablets and personal computers.


  • Online therapy has been shown to produce the same positive outcomes as face-to-face therapy. Overall, patients receiving online therapy are very satisfied with their experiences, many say that the service is easy to use and means they don’t have to travel to appointments.
  • Assessments made using online therapy have shown to be as reliable as those made during face-to-face therapy.
  • Clients participate in online sessions at work, at night after children are put to bed, in the car on a lunch break.
  • The flexibility and timing of online counselling has significant importance to clients, promoting growth, development, and wellness in their lives.
  • Booking is easy, simply contact me to schedule a time to talk that’s convenient for you.

It’s important to remember that we are a social species so the idea of social distancing goes against our very nature. Physical Distancing which is a better term, because during these difficult times it is so important to try and stay social. If we don’t it can be a recipe for disaster which encourages mental health issues like loneliness or depression to take hold.

Here’s how:

  • Routine. If you now have a blank canvas for your days then now is your opportunity to forge a routine.
  • Support Networks. Create message groups, video chat with loved ones, utilise social media, whatever is right for you.
  • Exercise. Fitbod is one app I can recommend especially now body-weight exercises are available free because of COVID-19.
  • Netflix Party. A new way to watch Netflix with friends that don’t have to be physically close to you.
  • Therapy. I’m here if you need me,  simply contact me to schedule a time to talk that’s convenient for you.

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