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Online Couples Counselling from Caroline Bronte

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Online couples counselling is a process that uses the safety of a special kind of relationship to enable people to reach more of their own personal resources to rebuild their relationships. Online counselling helps people take charge of their lives and honestly work through areas of relationships or behaviours that cause pain or control.

Everyone possesses an ability to become more self-aware and to find solutions to their own problems. However, there are times when we need support to achieve this.

By working online with couples in a supportive way, together we can create a unique opportunity to move, appropriately, towards a more fulfilling life.

Online couples counselling offers a way for you to look at and work through issues that trouble your relationship. Online couples and Marriage counselling creates a safe space to explore difficult emotions and experiences so you can re-imagine the future of your relationship in a more fulfilling way. Sometimes worksheets might be needed for couples to work with and these can be sent to you both via email, before the session, during the session or after the session.

How does online couples counselling work?

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Firstly, you will need to have an online assessment session. This will last for 30-40 minutes and gives you the opportunity to see if you feel comfortable enough to talk to me openly and honestly. It also gives you the opportunity to discuss the issues that you are facing or are causing you pain or what is having control of your life.

This also provides me the counsellor the opportunity to assess your situation, discuss the best type of therapy for your needs and how many sessions I think you might need. If you then decide to book sessions, I will book you in, and send you a link by email for you to click on and you will automatically be able to join the meeting at that time and day that you have chosen.

What are the benefits of online couples and marriage counselling?

  • No waiting lists.
  • You will only need an email address, a mobile, iPad, laptop or computer that has internet access.
  • You can book therapy sessions at a time and day that suits you.
  • No visiting different premises that might feel daunting.
  • No trying to find parking.
  • No risk of other people knowing your business or meeting people you know.
  • Paying for your sessions is made easy via BACS Transfer payments.
  • 100% Confidential & Safe.
  • All necessary worksheets can be sent via email.

How I work

I work as an integrative online and face to face counsellor, which means I try and understand people from a variety of perspectives. Sometimes the past impacts our present experience of life, alongside our current relationships and situations.

Through exploring your issues with me, we can gain insight into how your past has shaped your relationship and how your current circumstances can be lived in more fruitful ways; this creates a bespoke online service that is driven by you and your relationship. Online Couples Counselling offers you both a space that is non-threatening and non-judgmental where you will be valued and given space to find new ways of living.

What are your online couples and marriage counselling costs?

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