Couple Counselling – Developing the Art of Good Communication

Caroline Bronte - Counselling sessions

Are you a frustrated couple that goes around in circles suffering, totally unaware of the simple steps you can take to save your marriage or relationship?

I would say most of my work within couples counselling is related to communication. Many couples, actually nearly 80%, say that communication breakdown is one of the main reasons they have decided to seek counselling. In fact, I have to agree with Oscar Wilde who once said:

Ultimately the bond of all companionship, whether in marriage or in friendship, is conversation“.

Therefore, the principle of couples making time for themselves as partners to maintain healthy relationships has never been more important in this fast-paced society that we live in today. My counselling sessions will teach you both to set aside regular time to be with each other, to talk – and also to listen – and sometimes just to be with each other.

Clear communication – Once a couple understands how to communicate they are free to share and explore each other in ways that will lead to a deeper understanding.

When couples learn how to build powerfully strong foundations they can quickly change their relationship and this is the start of how I’m getting fast, lasting results.

  • Couples that were arguing learnt how to understand each other.
  • Couples whose intimacy had died were reconnected.
  • Individuals that fell out of love successfully reconnected.

So, what are the foundations? You ask.

Below are a few of the critical factors that make up the foundations that enable couples to pull back together.

  • Freedom to be who you are – Most people with relationship problems lose a sense of who they are as they try to cope with their problems
  • Differences between the sexesNot understanding how your partner thinks and feels will create massive problems. Men and women naturally see the world very differently.
  • Effective CommunicationCouples with problems can really struggle to communicate with each other. Understanding why and how to correct this is critical.
  • Understand the importance of needsUnderstanding and meeting each other’s needs is critical. Most couples have no idea how to do this and this leads to a loss of trust.
  • How to grow closer from conflict Growing closer from conflict is the fastest way to rebuild trust and respect the no.1 problem that leads to divorce.
  • How sexual connection happens Sexual connection struggles if the couple doesn’t meet each other’s needs. When the needs are not met the trust dies.
  • Keeping the passion alive The couple will learn on their journey how to spark the passion in each other. This becomes easy once the foundations are in place.

Your counselling sessions will address the particular problems or issues which may have brought you to couples counselling, but the emphasis of my work is to provide you with tools you can use throughout the life of your relationship. These tools include being able to:

  • Listen more accurately to each other’s communication.
  • Communicate what you have to say in ways your partner will be able to hear and understand.
  • Know clearly what you want from each other and have clear agreements about how to get it.
  • Resolve conflicts as well as increase your tolerance for conflicts not yet resolved.
  • Provide reminders of what it was that attracted you to each other in the first place.

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