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Four 3 300x210, Caroline BronteAll couples have problems from time to time, and while sometimes they can be easily worked through, other times couples require extra help and support to overcome their difficulties. With my two decades of counselling, therapy and life coaching experience, I am ideally positioned to help you with this type of problem.

The process of couples and marriage counselling uses a safe environment to allow couples to utilise their combined resources to rebuild a failing relationship. Through my counselling, I assist couples in working honestly through their negative behaviours and the areas in their relationship where they are experiencing problems, conflict or pain. We are all capable of finding our own solutions to the issues we face, however occasionally we require extra support and assistance from a third party to achieve our goals.

Can Marriage And Couples Counselling in Windsor Help Me?

Fotolia 78381859 Subscription Monthly M 1 360x240 300x200, Caroline BronteWhatever the issues that are causing the problems within your relationship, couples and marriage counselling in Windsor can help you both to move forwards in a more satisfying way together. By offering you both the opportunity to identify your issues and work on them, you can explore difficult emotions and experiences in a confidential and safe environment so that you can eventually find a way to move past them.

Letting go of negative thoughts and old patterns of behaviour can be hard, and can prevent your relationship from functioning normally, however when you attend my Windsor counselling sessions, you can be confident that you are in a safe environment where you will never be judged and where you can speak your mind freely and constructively with no fears.

How I Can Help You in Windsor

As a couples and marriage counsellor, my strategy is to use integrative counselling to understand the different perspectives that you both have on your relationship. Frequently, the past has an effect on the present, whether in relationships or in situations. I will facilitate your exploration of your issues, helping you to gain a clearer insight into the ways in which your past impacts on your present relationship. I tailor my services to suit your individual needs and, as every couple are unique, I will use specific methods and techniques to help you to resolve your particular problems and issues, and help you to develop ways of bringing about the change you seek.

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