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Four 3 300x210, Caroline BronteNo union is completely immune from challenges and difficulties, and sometimes a relationship may need a little guidance and assistance from the outside.

That’s where I can use my training and experience to help; I offer marriage and couples counselling in Slough as one of my services, available to any couple that feel that they would benefit from such a service.

What Does Couples Counselling Involve?

The process of couples counselling revolves around helping each individual partner within a relationship to look within themselves and assess what they are seeking from their union, and identify any particular patterns of behaviours that may be causing the relationship damage – whether those actions stem from themselves or their partner, and whether they are conscious or not.

How Can Couples Counselling Help My Relationship?

Fotolia 78381859 Subscription Monthly M 1 360x240 300x200, Caroline BronteSuccessful marriage counselling will allow you and your partner to retake control of your relationship; control that you may feel has been slipping away from you.

The therapy can also put a stop to what is causing pain, strain, or any other form of emotional distress or turmoil. While it’s possible to learn and discover for yourself what may be at the root of any problems within your relationship, sessions with me can help bring these issues out into the open and find a mutually beneficial resolution.

There is no shame in needing a helping hand in this from time to time, which is why I offer marriage counselling services in Slough.

A Safe Space to Heal Your Relationship

Although this counselling service will involve taking a long and honest look at the issues that may be affecting your marriage or partnership, it is not about pointing fingers or assigning blame.

Instead, consider an appointment in my private clinic for couples or marriage counselling in Slough to be a safe place for you and your partner to both fully explore and assess how you feel, and why this is the case.

You will be invited to look deeply into your relationship, and attempt to identify any oft-repeating patterns or harmful behaviours. Should you discover any we will discuss how these can be let go, and how the wounds and scars that they leave behind will be able to heal.

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I also offer Couples and Marriage counselling in in Burnham, Maidenhead, Marlow, Taplow and Windsor