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Four 3 300x210, Caroline BronteVisiting my fully-equipped marriage and counselling clinic in Maidenhead allows couples to discuss their issues in a safe place where they can find solutions to their difficulties. I help couples identify areas in their relationships that they often cannot see or are unready to face on their own, and I work with couples to create solutions the issues we uncover. It is always amazing, and truly rewarding to see couples find ways to improve on their lives together and begin anew. Marriage and couples counselling in Maidenhead gives couples a new start with the ones they love.

Who is Your Marriage and Couple Counsellor?

I have been helping couples improve their lives together for almost 20 years now, and in that time I have had the pleasure to work with people from all walks of life. Some couples come to me with minor problems and others are faced with issues that seem insurmountable at first glance. No matter what the problem happens to be, I take great joy in working with people to find workable solutions that make everyone happy with their results.

What is Marriage and Couples Counselling in Maidenhead?

Fotolia 78381859 Subscription Monthly M 1 360x240 300x200, Caroline BronteCouples counselling is a process that teaches people to use a set of tools they already possess to enhance areas of their lives and relationships, while at the same time rebuilding areas of the relationship that have been damaged by poor decision making and limited perspective. Counselling helps couples take control over their lives through a process of mutual self-awareness and understanding.

When couples begin to work together in ways that foster support, respect and understanding of one another, they quickly begin to move forward towards a more positive and fulfilling relationship. Couples learn to spot issues that are cause problems, but they also learn about the issues their partners are having which is a big part of the problem-solving equation. I create a safe place couples to talk and I work as a facilitator and mediator, while offering guidance throughout the counselling sessions for making improvements.

I work hard to understand my clients from through a variety of lenses and that makes it easier to provide guidance that fit my clients’ needs. Problems that surface in relationships are often caused by a compounded mix of problems coming from family history, past relationships, expectations from the partner, disappointments and trust, to name a few. Understanding the complex issues that drive relationships apart is no simple task, but once the problems are identified they become quantifiable and solvable leading to a new day for the couples undergoing counselling.

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