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Couples experience problems all the time. Often, they are easy enough to deal with. However, others come along that need additional support and help and that is where I come in. My name is Caroline Bronte and I have over 20 years’ experience as a counsellor, therapist and life coach.

Marriage and couples counselling is a special process that uses the safety of the counselling setting to help couples reach use their own resources to rebuild their failing relationships. With my counselling services, I help people to honestly work through behaviours and areas in a relationship that is creating problems, pain or conflict. All of us are able to find solutions to our own problems, but sometimes, we need additional help and support to achieve it.

How can Couples or Marriage Counselling In Burnham Help Me?

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I work with couples supporting them, to develop a way to move forward to a more satisfying life. It offers you and your partner the chance to identify and work on the various issues that are causing problems in your relationship. Couples counselling in Burnham provides you with a safe environment to explore difficult experiences and emotions, so you can see a way past them.

In my experience, it is hard to let go of old and negative thoughts, patterns and behaviours that can hold your relationship back. My counselling sessions are held in my Burnham clinic and is an area where you won’t be judged and are free to speak your mind in a constructive way without fear of threats.

How I Help

In my capacity as a marriage and couple’s counsellor, I use integrative counselling, which essentially means I do my best to understand people’s different perspectives. Very often, the past affects life experiences in the present, whether it is situations and relationships.

We can gain proper insight into how your past has impacted your current relationship, by exploring your issues with me. My services are tailored to meet the needs of individuals within a couple and the couple as a whole. As no two couples are the same, your specific issues and problems require specific techniques and methods to solve them. I am always looking for the best ways possible to help people, transforming our sessions into a creative space with empathy.

I enable individuals to find ways to better understand their relationships and their relationships better and to develop new ways to bring about the necessary changes.

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