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Counselling 1 300x200, Caroline BronteLife coaching methods are surprisingly simple yet effective, The sessions incorporate ways to help an individual get from where they currently are in their life, to where they would ideally like to be. Whether the client wishes to work on their relationships with others, motivation or confidence, support from your life coach will enable success. Caroline Bronte structures her Life Coaching sessions to suit the client’s personal aims, dreams and issues.

Life Coaching in Bourne-End, describes a process and rapport between client and coach that develops over time; this is a very personal experience that will be doctored to suit your needs and your expectations.

Could I Benefit From Life Coaching in Bourne-End?

Counselling 2 300x213, Caroline BronteYES! Of course.Life is full of overwhelming challenges, and life coaching in Bourne-End can help clients gain insight into recognising the more negative aspects of their behaviour and actions. By challenging clients thinking in a supportive and open manner, Caroline helps them move forward more positively and assertively.

It is important to understand that Life Coaching in Bourne-End does not promise to do anything for you – all the answers and solutions you are looking for will be found when you explore new ways of thinking.

Life Coaching’s roots lie in sociology, professional career mentoring and psychology, designed to make changes in a proactive, practical sense; this is very different to and not to be confused with counselling therapy.

Caroline Bronte is an experienced and inspiring life coach, who offers sessions for clients from all backgrounds and age groups living in the Bourne-End area. Caroline has nearly two decades of experience, and this work alongside her academic career has meant she has worked within hospitals, schools, community care and nursing homes, helping all sorts of individuals in Bourne-End. Life Coaching is an excellent way to provide tailored support while creating new ideas for the areas of our lives we wish to improve upon. Caroline Bronte offers Life Coaching to best equip you in your journey, with heightened goal focus. Life coaching combines real-world support, empathy and guidance in a confidential environment to succeed.

Life Coaching – Bourne-End

Life Coaching succeeds best when the client feels ultimate trust between themselves and their life coach – from there honesty can build the successful changes they want to make a reality. Reflection After problems are recognised, Caroline will work with clients to make an action plan to find the solutions. The client will always initiate any active modes of change.


What can Life Coaching in Bourne-End help with?

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Life Coaching in Bourne-End can be very helpful for the following issues that you may be experiencing:

Your first conversation will help you to decide whether Life Coaching in Bourne-End, Counselling or another therapy type would be most suitable for your personal situation, while discussing what you would like to gain from your sessions. Upon this decision, an assessment session will be arranged. Taking place at Caroline’s Bourne-End clinic, assessment sessions are thirty minutes long. Life Coaching in Bourne-End sessions last an hour, and clients may wish to discuss attending a few sessions for best results.Clients are advised to have a session take place at the same time each week, however Caroline is able to recognise the hectic schedules of most people and will offer a fair degree of flexibility as a result.

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I also offer Life Coaching services in Burnham, Cookham, Maidenhead, Marlow, Slough, Taplow and Windsor