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Visiting my counselling services in Maidenhead gives you the opportunity to find solutions to your troubles in a safe place. I help you identify and reach solutions to issues which are troubling you by creating an open space for discussion and problem solving. The higher level of self-awareness that can be achieved through the process I facilitate can be enlightening to the point that gives you a new lease on life.

It’s all about you

Four 2 300x285, Caroline BronteAll of my counselling sessions in Maidenhead take place in the safety of my clinic which is specially set up to cater to the diverse needs of my clientele. My work is confidential, and I guarantee that my clients’ needs are at the top of my priorities. When you visit me for a counselling session in Burnham, I will focus on you, first and foremost.

I focus on teaching my clients coping mechanisms that last a lifetime, while at the same time assisting in problem-solving strategies to get past barriers in the way of progress. I work to help my clients identify actors in their lives that are difficult for clients to see, and I guide them through the process of putting the control of their lives back in their hands.

Can Counselling in Maidenhead Help Me?

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It is a very rare thing, indeed, that people make it through life without developing the need to talk through an issue they are having. Whether the problem is large or small, having a professional counsellor available to listen to your concerns and give you the guidance you need in confidence can be a boon well worth seeking out.

I’ve treated people from all walks of life, particularly in these areas:

Get a 30 minute assessment in Maidenhead.

Clients are invited for an assessment session of thirty minutes. The client must feel able to trust the counsellor from the very beginning and this rapport is crucial to the success of the sessions. This thirty minute session can give Caroline the extra clarity to tailor your therapy to its highest possible quality over the coming weeks.

This session also gives the client chance to try out a session without pressure or expectation. Your main aims will be discussed with Caroline who will ensure the right course will be made available – from here you will be invited along her clinic in Maidenhead for a taster, assessment session. 

What happens during counselling in Maidenhead?

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Letting go of behaviours which are detrimental to growth, health and happiness can be an extremely difficult thing to do in the wrong setting. A counsellor creates a secure, confidential space for clients to discuss their problems, and this allows for more openness and a higher level of self-exploration. A counsellor is able to help in ways friends and families cannot because there is no need for a filter when speaking with a counsellor. There are no judgements, and no need to worry about upsetting loved ones.

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This is my comitment to you...

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In every aspect of my practice, I proudly make the following promise to my clients:

I also offer Counselling services in Bourne End, Burnham, Cookham, Marlow, Slough, Taplow and Windsor