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Counselling in Bourne-End uses techniques found in modern psychology to provide a popular talking therapy. Sometimes referring to an umbrella term of therapies, this is partially because the individual practitioner may offer specific treatment in line with their own training and expertise. When we need support, counsellors are trained to arm their client with new levels of insight to help them take control and understand their lives better. Caroline Bronte works with clients from all types of background and from any age group and has a professional career in psychology spanning the last two decades.

Make Time for You.

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Counselling in Bourne-End can give you a space to work through problems that trouble you. Counselling in Bourne-End with Caroline can give clients a higher level of self-awareness that can be as exciting as it is enlightening.

Caroline will empower her clients in Bourne-End, helping them to move forwards in the best way they can by teaching them coping mechanisms that will stay with them for many years to come.

Sessions with Caroline take place at her clinic in Bourne-End – these are totally confidential and catered to the individuals’ needs from the outset.

Caroline helps clients move forward by creating a confidential space to explore life’s areas that aren’t helpful. Counselling can help those seeking support after a recent event or equally guide individuals in their everyday life.

Can Counselling in Bourne-End Help Me?

Four 2 300x285, Caroline BronteAbsolutely. Most people go through something at some point in their lifetime that warrants a need for a talking therapy such as counselling; in addition, many people can benefit from counselling to help them explore their issues in confidence.

Counselling is a talking therapy that can help with a plethora of different issues including anxiety, stress, depression and much, much more.

For more information on how I can help, contact me via my online form or call me today on 07708 893 082. You can also book an appointment directly online – see below for more information on how.

Get a 30 Minute Assessment in Bourne-End

Clients are invited for an assessment session of thirty minutes. The client must feel able to trust the counsellor from the very beginning and this rapport is crucial to the success of the sessions. This thirty minute session can give Caroline the extra clarity to tailor your therapy to its highest possible quality over the coming weeks.

This session also gives the client chance to try out a session without pressure or expectation.

Your main aims will be discussed with Caroline who will ensure the right course will be made available – from here you will be invited along her clinic in Bourne-End for a taster, assessment session. 

Counselling in Bourne-End – So What Actually Happens?

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While it can be difficult to let go of less helpful behaviours, the trusted relationship between the counsellor and client can help in a way that is wholly different than, for example, a friend or confidante in your day to day life.

Many people suffer in silence, unable to remove the mask we create to keep going and appear strong and in control of their lives – counselling gives people a safe, confidential place to share ideas, thoughts and behaviour without expectation or fear of upsetting anyone.

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Throughout my expertise, I work to implicitly uphold the following commitment to my clients:

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