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AdobeStock 124971516 300x284, Caroline BronteCaroline Bronte is an experienced counsellor, life coach and therapist who specialises in CBT – Cognitive Behavioural Therapy in Bourne-End.Of all types of talking therapies, CBT is often the most goal-orientated.With over twenty years experience, Caroline has worked with many different people from all backgrounds, dealing with difficulties ranging from mild to severe.

Caroline believes that CBT can help clients rationalise their individual challenges and patterns of behaviour that can be unhelpful.Caroline’s vast knowledge of Psychology and Counselling doesn’t stop there; she is also trained in NLP, Life Coaching and Art Therapy.Following an initial call and assessment session, Caroline will make sure her clients receive the course of therapy most beneficial for them.

Can Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) in Bourne-End Help Everyone?

CBT Image 2 300x268, Caroline BronteEveryone! No matter how small the problem, the exercises learned with your therapist in your CBT sessions can be applied to almost every type of problem.

Many suffering in silence can become better aware of their own difficulties, and in turn, are able to face these practically – without being overwhelmed or stuck in a cycle that could be unhealthy for them.

More about CBT in Bourne-End

Weekly or fortnightly sessions in Bourne-End can ensure clients can regularly identify the patterns of thoughts and behaviours that prevent them from realising their fullest potential. I can help with any of the following:

Initial Assessment
Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) in Bourne-End

When practised regularly, those receiving CBT in Bourne-End can experience real-life results rather quickly.With an initial assessment in Bourne-End, Caroline can then recommend a course of CBT sessions tailored for each client.CBT sessions can be arranged whether as part of a short course of sessions or longer term – your aims and goals will be discussed from the beginning and at regular intervals to assess your progress.Small changes in thought patterns can have a huge effect – they can actually last a lifetime.

Clients in Bourne-End can find themselves able to cope far better than they used to by learning and applying exercises from their CBT sessions.A person can achieve a positive life by breaking negative cycles of behaviour and thought patterns, through the continued application of exercises and tips that are easy to understand.Caroline is highly empathetic and supportive, working with clients through any difficulties they presently face from her clinic in Bourne-End.

Clients may wish to explore a specific problem or attempt to find support to help them gain insight into their common patterns of behaviour.

Get a 30 Minute Assessment in Bourne-End

Trust between the client and therapist is of paramount importance. The assessment session helps to give Caroline added information and context to make sure your therapy is tailored to suit the client’s exact needs.An assessment session can help the client explore the benefits of CBT while meeting Caroline.

How Does CBT in Bourne-End Differ From Other Therapies?

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The championing of CBT therapy and its ability to help those in need quickly and effectively makes it a fantastic route of supporting treatment when required.The exercises learned in CBT sessions are designed to be applied to the clients’ present, real-life problems.

Once these are recognised, ways to improve your state of mind on a daily basis are practised and repeated to help break the cycles of behaviour less helpful to you.Clients are offered the chance to try written exercises at home, between their sessions to solidify their learning.3 CBT therapists encourage their clients to spend as much time applying new ways of thinking in their time away from sessions.

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I also offer CBT services in Burnham, Cookham, Maidenhead, Marlow, Slough, Taplow and Windsor