Why Counselling or Life Coaching?

As a Counsellor &  Life Coach I believe that every person has the power to fulfill his or her potential. My job is to provide a confidential, safe environment where you can explore your experiences and begin to understand them better enabling you to cope with problems in a positive way.

How can talking to a stranger help?

Most people find it easier to open up to a complete stranger, than to share their most intimate concerns, worries and problems with loved ones. Friends, family members and colleagues generally know us well enough to be able to judge us. A counsellor or Life Coach has no vested interest in your plans or life, and can therefore actively listen to whatever issues you feel you want to voice. They will listen, challenge your thinking and help you to identify possible solutions, in a safe, totally confidential environment.

Is there a minimum age for Counselling or Life Coaching?

No. It is suitable for anyone as clients come from all walks of life and can be any age, from children, teenagers or adults. They are all unique in their dreams, priorities and needs.

Can I pay in installments?

No the minimum you can pay is a session at a time.

What are the advantages of online coaching?

Online coaching can be useful for receiving support for a wide range of difficulties. Due to the privacy afforded by being able to access coaching from home, it eliminates any stigma you may feel is connected to seeing a counsellor face to face.

Will you tell my parents, teachers, friends or the Police that I have spoken to you and why?

Definitely NOT. Everything discussed is 100% Confidential no matter what the subject is.

What problems can counselling help me with?

There’s no typical problem that people talk to me about. You can talk to me about anything that’s making you feel bad. Sometimes people call me because they are struggling to cope with a single problem that they have. More often, people contact me because a number of problems have mounted up and they’re finding it hard to cope. What matters to me is how your life is making you feel and how I can support you to feel better about yourself and focus on any problems that might need addressing. I am here to support you through all kinds of situations, feelings and thoughts. What one person can take head on, may lead another person to struggle to cope.

What is Life Coaching?

Life coaching is essentially an interactive process, in which the coach guides and facilitates the client’s progress towards their defined goals. These goals extend to such areas as self confidence, career changes or improvements, relationships, work/life balance, financial matters, weight loss and self image, overcoming the fear of public speaking, or possibly just a general uneasy feeling that your life is just not going in the right direction. The coach enables the client to first identify what they really want to achieve, either personally or professionally, and then supports and guides them whilst they rapidly achieve their goals. The coach helps to keep the client focused, and on track, and aids the client in overcoming any challenges and obstacles in their way.

What format does it take? Coaching

Coaching is a one-to- one relationship between a client and the coach. Regular sessions are held, either face to face, or over the telephone, with an agreed action plan undertaken by the client between each session. Weekly tasks and exercises will be agreed between the client and the coach, and e-mail support between sessions is available if required. Normally a coaching relationship will last between 3 and 6 weekly sessions, but clients will begin to enjoy the benefits from the very first session. The coaching relationship can of course last for as long as the client wants it to.

How can it help me?

Online coaching can be useful for receiving support for a wide range of difficulties. Due to the privacy afforded by being able to access coaching from home, it eliminates any stigma you may feel is connected to seeing a life coach face to face.  It also provides a life line to people who suffer from anxiety or phobias that prevent them going out to seek support.