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Four 2 300x285, Caroline BronteIf you live in the Marlow area and you are experiencing troubles and problems, one of the things that can have a huge positive impact is undergoing counselling in Marlow. We all go through troubles in our lives but sometimes it can be very difficult to work through them, particularly if you have nobody to turn to. By visiting me for counselling in Marlow, you can benefit from the help of a professional to help with your problems and help you to work through them.

As a professional counsellor, I have extensive experience when it comes to helping people who need counselling in Marlow. My aim is to make you more self-aware and to work with you so that you can get through the problems and issues that are affecting you.

It is important to use the right coping mechanisms in order to work through your problems and reduce the risk of problems arising again in the future. This is something that I can help you with and you can benefit from using these methods in the future to help you when you are experiencing troubles.

Building a rapport

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I firmly believe that having a rapport with my clients is vital, which is why I like to see clients who are looking for counselling in Marlow for an initial assessment. This not only helps me in terms of assessing your goals but will also give you the opportunity to meet me in person and ask any questions before the counselling sessions begin.

Can Counselling in Marlow Help Me?

I firmly believe that having a rapport with my clients is vital, which is why I like to see clients who are looking for counselling in Marlow for an initial assessment. 

I’ve helped a whole range of different people from all walks of life in Marlow – some examples of things that I’ve treated are:

Get a 30 minute assessment in Marlow.

If you prefer, I can also speak to you on the phone, via Skype, or by email to learn more about the issues that you need help with before you come to my clinic for your assessment. Some of my clients in Marlow find this easier because I already have a good idea about what the issues are when they come for their assessment at my clinic. The assessment will last around half an hour and is a great way for us to build trust between one another as well as giving us the chance to discuss your issues, feelings, and goals.

Your main aims will be discussed with Caroline who will ensure the right course will be made available – from here you will be invited along her clinic in Marlow for a taster, assessment session. 

Counselling in Marlow – A Confidential Service At My Clinic

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All clients visiting me for counselling in Marlow can expect a warm welcome at my clinic, where you can feel at ease. It goes without saying that I respect the confidentiality of every single client that visits me for counselling in Marlow, so you don’t need to worry about any aspect of your privacy. All conversation that takes place in our sessions will be totally confidential and between myself, as the counsellor, and you as the client. There are various reasons why people visit me for counselling in Marlow. For some people, the troubles that are experiencing relate to something that has happened to them recently or in the past. For others, it is every day troubles and stresses that are affecting them. Whatever the reason, my aim will be to work with you through these issues in a safe, welcoming, and relaxed environment.

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This is my comitment to you...

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Throughout all areas of Caroline’s expertise, she works to uphold the following commitments to her clients:

I also offer Counselling services in Bourne End, Burnham, Cookham, Maidenhead, Slough, Taplow and Windsor