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My counselling services in Burnham provide you with a safe and comfortable place to work through the problems troubling you. My name is Caroline and I can help you to have a higher level of understanding and self-awareness about yourself and your issues.

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I offer the opportunity to clients in Burnham to be empowered and find a way forward by teaching effective coping mechanisms that will help you throughout your life.

My sessions take place at my clinic based in Burnham. The sessions are completely confidential and are tailored to your own individual needs.

Within this confidential environment, I can help you to explore areas of your life that are difficult to talk about and deal with. My counselling services are helpful whether you are looking for support regarding issues caused by a recent event or long-term issues that are affecting your daily life.

Can Counselling in Burnham Help Me?

Four 2 300x285, Caroline BronteYes, it really can. It is common for people to go through things in their life at some point that requires help from counselling or another type of talking therapy. It is an ideal way for you to explore your issues without fear of judgement and total confidence.

We’ve helped countless people in and around the Burnham area – and we can help you.

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Get a 30 Minute Assessment in Burnham

I believe that trust and rapport are important to the relationship I have with my clients. In order for my counselling services to help you, there needs to be rapport and trust between us.

Therefore, it is important that all my clients participate in an initial 30 minutes assessment session. I have designed these sessions to help me better understand the goals you hope to achieve through therapy. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to counselling and therapy as everyone is different.

Perhaps you are looking for general support in your life, or require more focused support and guidance dealing with issues or events that have left you feeling sad, confused or even angry. Whatever your needs, with my confidential and professional counselling sessions, I can help you.

Once you have contacted me to discuss your needs and requirements whether it is via telephone, email or Skype, we can then arrange a suitable appointment time for you at my clinic in Burnham.

As well as helping me to understand how best I can use my training and experience to tailor my services to your own specific needs, this initial assessment session will benefit you greatly too. It will help give you an introduction to what actually happens in a counselling session, without feeling pressure or expectations.

What happens in your counselling sessions in Burnham?

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It is never easy letting go of detrimental behaviours and thought processes, but the trusted relationship I try to develop with my clients can help in a more productive, and different way than one of your friends or confidantes can provide. I know only too well that there are many people out there who suffer in silence and find it hard to let the barriers down because they try desperately hard to appear in control of their lives and stronger than they are. My counselling sessions, therefore, provide a safe and confidential environment to share your thoughts, ideas and behaviours without any fear of upsetting anyone, being judged or living up to someone else’s expectations.

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This is my comitment to you...

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In all areas of my expertise as a counsellor, I strive to uphold the following commitments to my clients:

I also offer Counselling services in Bourne End, Cookham, Maidenhead, Marlow, Slough, Taplow and Windsor