Female, age bracket 31-40 from Marlow, Buckinghamshire.

“Caroline is easy to talk to and very friendly, 6 Counselling
Sessions with her has definitely changed the way I think
and feel”.


Female age bracket 19-30 from Ascot, Berkshire.

“I felt I could be myself and not be judged, enabling me to say what I felt. Within a few sessions of counselling I grew more than being with another counsellor for months. I am happier more confident in myself and look at everything in a better light, thank you so much Caroline”.

Male age bracket 13-18 from Cookham, Berkshire.

“Suicidal thoughts and negative thinking are now a thing of the past. 6 sessions and I feel confident and euphoric!”

Female age bracket 61+ from Little Marlow, Buckinghamshire.

“Bereavement and loss made me feel so bereft, empty and
desperately lonely. Counselling made me understand
why and how it makes a person feel which has put it all in
perspective and made my life a little easier knowing it is
okay to grieve”.


Female age bracket 31-40 from Maidenhead, Berkshire.

“I feel so much stronger and happier in my life after 6 sessions. Caroline was very caring and respectful and I felt safe enough to discuss my issues.”

“I believe Caroline could help many more women who have been in a violent relationship.”

“Thank you for helping me – I feel like a more confident and
independent person.”



Female, age bracket 19-30 from Bracknell, Berkshire.

“I liked CBT as it gave me homework – going into the world and putting the actions into place then coming back and realising what I had done and achieved in a good way. I would recommend CBT with Caroline because of how much it helped me. I feel so much more confident and understand the difference from how I used to be. I would 100% tell anyone in my old state to come see Caroline for CBT”.

Male, age bracket 31-40 from High Wycombe, Bucks.

“4 sessions of NLP sorted me out completely. Used to be a controlling perfectionist which had a huge impact on my partner, family and work colleagues and once pointed out to me made me feel bad and disgusted with myself. I am now happy to say I am a changed man. Thank you! ”


Life Coaching:

Male, age bracket 41-50 from Marlow, Bucks.

“I was so frustrated with different things in my life and Life Coaching sorted me out and gave me a way forward in just one session. Caroline is friendly, relaxing and inspirational so I would highly recommend it”.